Capresso frothPRO


The Capresso frothPRO is suitable for all coffee lovers who want to get fresh and tasty cup of coffee every morning. Nothing can beat the smell of coffee to improve mood and increase work productivity. When people have this best espresso machine at home – or office – they can only expect the best from it. Long gone tired and sleepy days because this device will make sure that everyone stay alert in tasty way.

Capresso frothPRO Features and Specs :

People can only expect the best from the Capresso frothPRO. It’s natural since the machine is considered as the best espresso machine that can deliver perfect and tasty end result for all coffee lovers. A lot of people think that having a good cup of coffee is easy; while in reality, it’s not! When they have this machine at home, they can be sure that they’ll always get the best coffee that will lighten up their days. The specs and features of the espresso machine are:

  • The whole dimension is about 5 x 6 x 7-inxhes with total weight around 2.5 pounds. So it’s very light and compact. If users want to, they can always move it here and there.
  • It’s capable of producing frothed and steamed milk, which are very perfect to make cafe latte, cappuccino, and even tasty hot choco.
  • It has 2 frothing disks with additional one heating disk to make the coffee stay fresh, hot, and tasty.
  • It’s equipped with three settings for the temperature so users can definitely set up the ideal temperature for them. If they want warm beverage, they can have it. If they want the hot one, they can also have it. Even if they suddenly have the urge to enjoy cold beverage, they can do it instantly.
  • It’s equipped with automatic shut off that will make everything go safely and smoothly.
  • It’s made of great material that is resistant to scratch. The pitcher is covered in ceramic, which makes everything beautiful and elegant.
  • The capacity of the machine is quite big. It’s also equipped with handle that won’t get hot although it’s been used for quite a long time. The lid is also transparent, making the users able to see what’s going on inside.
  • The machine is easy to wash and clean. Users can also wash it with the dishwasher.

Capresso frothPRO Reviews :

Most people who have bought and used the Capresso frothPRO mostly say that they’re quite satisfied with the machine performance. They now don’t have to go to Starbuck or buy coffee elsewhere because they already have the perfect item at home that can deliver the perfect result. They like the fact that the coffee machine is able to produce frothed milk so they can basically enjoy espresso or cappuccino every day and anytime they want to. They are able to save money for take out coffee, thanks to the great machine. Another good thing about it is that the temperature setting really works well and the machine is completely safe. Everything is firmly secured on its place.

However, some users have little problem with some minor issues. First, they think the machine is quite expensive, but they understand that the price comes with quality. Second, they wish the company can have longer power cord so that they can move the machine here and there easily. Third, no one should touch the bottom of the pitcher once it’s been heated because it’s really hot and it can hurt anyone’s hand touching it. Moreover, when it’s put on laminated surface or Formica, it will leave burnt mark since it’s really hot. But other than those issues, everything is just perfect and great.