Nespresso C91 Essenza Espresso Machine


Become your own barista right at home with the Nespresso C91 Essenza manual espresso machine. Designed for convenience and ultimate taste, the machine has a sleek and attractive black finish, and uses Nespresso’s superior coffee capsules. Once your espresso has finished brewing, the machine automatically ejects the capsules into a container where 14 used capsules can be stored at a time. The water tank is removable for quick cleaning and the machine removes any remaining water after brewing so that the next brew will be as fresh as possible.

  • Compact brewing unit technology,19 bar pressure pump,thermoblock heating element
  • Manual volume control, backlit coffee buttons, easy insertion of capusle, ejection of used capsule,
  • Capsule container for 14 used capsules, 0.9 liter removable water tank
  • Drip tray water capacity
  • Power 1260 watts

Nespresso Essenza C101 Automatic and programmable coffee quantity (Espresso and Lungo)


All coffee lovers should equip themselves with this Nespresso Essenza Auto C101 Espresso Maker if they want to have great time enjoying their tasty coffee. The machine will provide delicious coffee, just like the one they want. They don’t need to worry about the quality of the coffee they make. Although the result is home made coffee, but the result will be “professional” and tasty, thanks to the best espresso machine.

Nespresso Essenza Auto C101 Espresso Maker Features :

The Nespresso Essenza Auto C101 US is certainly combines great style and great performance. The outer appearance of this best espresso machine is very stylish and futuristic. With black coating, the total look is very elegant and beautiful. The performance of this coffee machine is also reliable and unbelievable. When people have this machine at home, they can expect to enjoy high quality beverage only without having to spend any money to buy take out coffee anymore. Other advantages of using this coffee maker are:

  • It comes with total dimension of 10 x 13 x 8-inches which is very compact and light. It can be place anywhere around the kitchen; on the counter, near the stove…basically, anywhere!
  • The water tank is able to accommodate about 1 liter of water so users can make several cups of coffee instantly. This feature is especially handy when they have visitors or guests.
  • When the machine isn’t used, the energy power feature will automatically be activated so users won’t have to worry about their electricity bills.
  • The machine is easily operated and run. If users read the manual carefully, they know what to do and how to set the setting. With just a press of a button, they can operate the coffee maker.
  • The machine can be easily washed and cleaned. Even if the users use dishwasher to clean everything, they can be sure that the machine won’t be damaged or broken.
  • It’s quite affordable, for such perfect machine that will deliver perfect coffee time.

Nespresso Essenza Auto C101 Espresso Maker Reviews :

People who have purchased the Nespresso Essenza Auto C101 Espresso Maker are mostly satisfied with this coffee maker since it’s truly delivering and producing great beverage. Most of the users like the easy operation feature. They don’t need to go through complicated and difficult coffee preparation anymore. It’s like the machine has a mind of its own and can operate on its own. The users also like the idea that they don’t need to spend regular “coffee money” to buy their favorite coffee. With the great machine, they can make their own tasty beverage. After all, the Nespresso is considered as one of the best coffee manufacturers in the world so it’s no wonder that the product is great and reliable.

However, there’re some complaints concerning the Nespresso capsules. But if they read the manual carefully, they can find solutions about it. In fact, they can find many solutions about it so they don’t need to bother claiming for replacement. Other than the problems with the capsule, everything is just fine and the machine really runs perfectly. Most of the users think that this coffee maker is truly remarkable and helpful.