DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker, Stainless


All coffee lovers will find out that when they have the DeLonghi EC702 Espresso Maker at home, they can get the best experience in enjoying coffee. All these time, people are only satisfied with the black coffee from the regular coffee machine they have. If they want to enjoy espresso or cappuccino, they have to buy one through the take out coffee counter. But thanks to the best espresso machine, now they can have fun experience inside their own kitchen.

DeLonghi EC702 Espresso Maker Features and Specs :

People can be sure that they’ll have great ”coffee” experience when they have the DeLonghi EC702 Espresso Maker. Now, they can always make their own cappuccino or espresso without having to spend any dime to buy it. Thanks to the best espresso machine, they can always enjoy a nice cup of tasty coffee anytime they want to. They won’t have any dull moment with black regular coffee anymore; they simply turn on the machine and they can have a blast! They can be sure that the machine will bring the best only. Other advantages users can get from the coffee machine are:

  • The whole dimension of the machine is about 11 x 9 x 11-inches. This machine is a bit big, but it’s not overly big so it’ll fit in any storage space or compartment.
  • It comes with filter holder with dual functions to have separated coffee grounds. With this special and unique design, users can prepare their favorite espresso or cappuccino fast and efficient.
  • It’s equipped with cappuccino system technology that will automatically mix the milk and steam to make great and perfect froth. With great and tasty frother, users can enjoy cappuccino beverage anytime they want to.
  • The machine is easy to operate and run. Users don’t need to bother to set up and prepare anything because the machine can basically run on its own. Long gone the hassle and complicated preparation process to make such tasty drink.
  • With two separated thermostat, users can always have perfect quality espresso or cappuccino. The separated design is aimed to have separated control over the temperature pressure so that the end result will be tasty, flawless, ad just perfect.
  • The machine is made of high quality material. The whole design is sturdy and strong with silver covering that makes the machine look elegant and stylish. The machine is able to last for quite long time.
  • The machine is easy to clean and wash. It can even be washed in the dishwasher and won’t experience chip, scratch, or dent, thanks to the great material.
  • It has cup warmer, which is great to make the beverage stay warm.

DeLonghi EC702 Espresso Maker Reviews :

Most users say that the DeLonghi EC702 Espresso Maker is great and handy. They don’t need to spend more money to buy their favorite espresso or cappuccino anymore; they simply make one on their own. The machine is definitely able to make great quality espresso or cappuccino without too much hassle or problem. Everything is very easy and simple.

However, there’re some problems with this machine. It can be quite noisy for the first 15 second, although after a while the sound will diminish. Then, the first 5 or 6 coffee cups will taste like battery acid, but it’s normal for all kinds of coffee maker machine because it will break down all metallic elements. So users need to make disposable coffee at first and then they can enjoy tasty beverage. Remember, it happens to all coffee machines, not just the DeLonghi Products. Other than all minor issues, the machine is great and truly reliable.