Espressotoria Caprista Black Espresso Coffee Pod Machine

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The Espressotoria Caprista is a premium espresso coffee pod machine that delivers cafe quality espresso at the touch of a button. The Caprista is perfectly paired with the Espressotoria Milk Frothier (sold separately) via an integrated power dock which allows you to create Italian style coffees such as cappuccinos, flat whites, Americanos, lattes, cortados, iced coffees & more. The Caprista is a compact & affordable coffee machine with a bold black finish suitable for almost all environments. Featuring a 19 bar pump pressure, the Caprista utilizes a programmable pour function. The Caprista also has a waste capsule & water level indicator. To use the Caprista simply insert an Espressotoria System compatible pod into the machine and press the short button to deliver 1fl.oz (30 mL) of espresso. If you wish to make a milk based coffee, then us the Espressotoria Milk Frothier (sold separately) to froth the milk & pour into the espresso. The Espressotoria System features a range of compatible 100% Arabica coffee blends, designed to provide you with an easy and convenient way to enjoy specialty espresso coffee. Espressotoria, cafe quality coffee made easy.

Espressotoria Caprista Black Espresso Coffee Pod MachineEspressotoria Caprista Black Espresso Coffee Pod MachineEspressotoria Caprista Black Espresso Coffee Pod MachineEspressotoria Caprista Black Espresso Coffee Pod MachineEspressotoria Caprista Black Espresso Coffee Pod MachineEspressotoria Caprista Black Espresso Coffee Pod Machine
Espressotoria Caprista Black Espresso Coffee Pod Machine
Stylishly designed machine, with a bold black finish Make cafe quality espresso right in your home Compact and delivers 1 fluid ounce (30m
L) of espresso Utilizes a 19 bar pump pressure and a variety of programmable pour functions Equipped with an automatic switch-off Features an energy-saving mode, indicators for water level and waste capsules
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 Customer Reviews

A Great Espresso Machine!...
I am a big fan of espresso.
...and lattes...
...and cappuccinos...
...oh, and iced lattes.
The trouble is, the prices in the coffee shops keep going up and that's where I have a problem.
Being a member of the Walmart Sparks Program, I get the opportunity to try new products and see if they are really all they are cracked up to be.
Enter the 'Espressotoria Caprista Espresso Pod Machine.
This baby is indeed all it is cracked up to be, which is a great way to make espressos right in the comfort of your own home.
This machine is really easy to set up. First you have to clean, rinse, and fill the water tank. Plug it in, and put in a espresso pod and basically, that's it. Of course you need to read the instruction manual before you start using the machine. Even that is a simple read.
The Espressotoria is equipped with an energy saver system, waste capsule indicator, and a removable drip tray.
It also has a dock for the milk frother which can be purchased separately.
This machine makes a great tasting cup of espresso coffee and is easily adaptable to a variety of other versions. Just pop in one of the many varieties of coffee and enjoy.greedygreg
Makes Great Espresso
I knew I was going to like this machine as soon as I took it out of the box. I've always wanted a home espresso maker, but I always found them to be overpriced and complicated. So like most people, I settled for a basic coffee maker and left more sophisticated drinks to my local baristas. I jumped at the chance to try this, and I'm glad I did. This machine was elegant and simplistic. It took any and all guesswork out of making my favorite espresso drinks. And most importantly it made great espresso. The setup and instructions were quick and easy to follow. Just wash the water tank, plug it in, and that's it. The machine uses espresso filled pods that drop into the top of the machine and dump into a container inside the machine when you're done. So there's no messy espresso powder or beans to deal with. I love that the milk warmer/frother is an optional attachment because not everyone will want to use it. So for those who don't need that feature, it will not take up space on there countertop or be wasted money. The machine I've noticed is not as quiet as my coffee maker. It does vibrate some when the espresso is being made. However, it's not that bad. I really like this machine. And I look forward to many more mornings of delicious espresso with it.MamaColes327
Top add
I thought it might be difficult for use it, I got used to my Keurig for so long, but I watched a YouTube video and reading the instrucción it's pretty easy but most of all it matches with my Keurig (see pictures) every time I get my visits a cappuccino they love it! I can use it many times witoith jving to throw away the pods every time since it has a container so I do it when I do finish making a few capuccinos, love it.
Also you can fit a bigger cup removing one level as pictured.Jecalita

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