Mr. Coffee ECM160 4-Cup Steam Espresso Machine


When people have Mr. Coffee ECM160 Espresso Machine at home, they can always have and serve professional taste coffee for themselves or guests. With such great coffee maker, now people can have tasty beverage as their heart desire. If they want cold or hot coffee, the machine will provide everything they want. They don’t need to worry about the quality of the coffee products they make since this best espresso machine is guaranteed to deliver only great quality beverage.

Mr. Coffee ECM160 Espresso Machine Specs and Features :

All these times, people have to be satisfied with regular black coffee as a part of their morning ritual. But thanks to the Mr. Coffee ECM160 Espresso Machine, now they can have great and fun experience in enjoying tasty espresso and cappuccino to lighten up their mood and work performance. Wouldn’t it be great if they can always enjoy delicious espresso or cappuccino every day without them having to spend money to buy their favorite drink? With the best espresso machine, they can always enjoy such delicious beverage anytime they want to. They can always have fun times enjoying the coffee they like without too much hassle and issue. Other benefits they can get from the coffee machine are:

  • The total dimension of the machine is about 6 x 8 x 10.5-inches with weight around one pound so it’s very compact and light. Uses can set up the machine anywhere they want to. If they want to move it around, they can also do it.
  • The machine is able to produce 4 cups of coffee per making, so users can always invite their friends to enjoy the tasty drink together.
  • The machine is able to make milk frother for making cappuccino. With such design, the users can basically mix everything with the milk to produce tasty drink; whether it’s hot or cold. The frothing device is removable so it’s easy to clean.
  • The handle is made of great quality material that will stay cool although the coffee machine has been used for quite long time. The pouring spout is also designed with such precision and detail so that it won’t easily drip, so say goodbye to messy preparation and serving.
  • The machine is equipped with cup warmer to make the drink stay warm all the time. It also has drip tray that is easy to remove.
  • The machine has cord storage for efficient and easy storing purpose.
  • The machine is easy to wash and clean. It’s even safe to be used with dishwasher.
  • The machine is easily operated and run.

Mr. Coffee ECM160 Espresso Machine Reviews :

People who have purchased and tried this Mr. Coffee ECM160 4-Cup Steam Espresso Machine mostly say that the machine is quite good and handy. They like everything about it, from the sturdy design and built to the very quiet operation. Some of them have bad experience with noisy coffee machine, but not with this one. The whole operation and preparation is very easy and simple. They don’t need to spend longtime preparing anything. They basically just prepare the required material and setting and then the machine will operate on its own.

However, some of these users have several minor issues with the machine. First of all, the machine doesn’t come with espresso tamper. It’s like buying a pair of sneaker without the shoelaces. The tamper is needed to make espresso, so they need to buy additional tamper. And then, the machine doesn’t come with frothing pitcher too, which is quite disappointing. But other than those minor issues, the machine is quite good and it does produce tasty beverage.